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How is affiliate marketing considered an online business? How is a website with content that makes money from ads and affiliate products considered an “online business”? You can’t make business cards for your website, can you? Since you are not providing a service or product, but providing information, you can’t call yourself a CEO of your website, can you?

Posted by Baf F You only make any money from that if you have a website with CONTENT that will attract eyeballs who THEN might see the ads for the companies you have affiliate accounts with – unless you are getting at least 1,000 visits a day to your website, you probably won’t make one dollar with affiliate programs.Of course you can make business cards for your website, – if you have content there that you provide and update regularly, but if it is just a website with links on it for your affiliate programs, it’s not going to get any business.

How do I start an online affiliate business?

Posted by tom865
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comRegister yourself with affiliate networks.
Best online business? Popular.

Posted by Lolita
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAffiliate marketing is the best online business
no investment, work from home and full earning.
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Affiliate Marketing – Overview for Beginners

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Questions and Answers

New at affiliate marketing. Which blog or site builder should I use.?I need a easy to use site builder.
I will be using Amazon & Ebay links. Any help??

Posted by Tommy gun Hey Tommy!It rather depends on your personal level of technical skill here. The top three options that come to mind would be …

1) — Very easy to use. Just set-up a free account and start bloggin’! The downside to this option would be the lack of control you have over your site. You can’t add scripts or much in the way of customization. Plus, they could decide to cancel you at any time without warning.

2) WordPress — With this option you would register your own domain name and buy your own hosting and then you’re free to do pretty much anything your heart desires! It requires a little bit of technical knowledge but not as much as building everything from scratch. This is probably your best bet.

3) SiteSell — This can be a little costly (about $300?) but they provide absolutely every tool you could ever want all in one package. Vast amount of online help available and forums filled with people willing to help you. Good newbie package. Many successful affiliate marketers started here.

My best advice is to pick one and stick with it until you start making your first dollars online. You can expand from there.

–JR Rich.

Should I make so many different sites when affiliate marketing? Example for amazon products; should I make a simple review site with many products on it or make a site with a standalone review of one product? Eg or

Posted by Y Domain containing keywords has high possibility to get on top in search engine. You got to have different domain but you can program 1 store at the back.
How to promote affiliate mini sites?  I’ve just started out with affiliate marketing and have made a mini site for a particular niche but how do i get traffic? I tried promoting it on squidoo and similar places but i just don’t seem to get enough traffic,any good free SEO techniques?doesn’t matter if they are black hat.

Posted by Vivek N There are plenty of ways to promote your site.
1) Article Marketing
Really a powerful method in getting audience. Write a good article based on your niche topic and submit it in article directories. Just go to google or yahoo and search for “free article directories”. It will suggest you a host of directories that you can easily submit your writings. When people surf in that certain directory, they might stumble into your article and you got all the fame needed to be successful in Internet Marketing.2) Blogging
This method is just like the article writing. You write what you want but good contents for your audience in blogs. The better you got, the more audience you get. You can also submit the same contents that you wrote in blogs in article directories. You get instant viewers if your article is in top 10 within your niche

3) Offer free stuffs
It’s always good to get free stuffs. Everyone likes it.So offer some free stuffs such as e-books or software for your audience. You will get a good, loyal and repeating audience. If you are looking for FREE e-books to market it in your site, check out this link. provides a host of e-books on internet marketing. The e-books will be updated weekly. So hurry up and get your best one soon.

4) E-mail Marketing
It’s as easy as ABC. Just promote your site to all your online contacts using e-mail.Write a good email that will attract your audience. If you got the contents right and able to convince your contacts , you are on your way to success.

5) SEO-Search Engine Optimization
Check out for HOT tips on SEO

6) You Tube Videos
Use free videos from you tube and paste the links in your site. People like video tutorials better than articles or e-books.

7) Google Adsense
I strongly suggest you to visit and learn about google adsense.If it’s not the best, atleast one of the best income generator for your websites. Visit the link and watch the video tutorials for FREE.

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Top 50 Affiliate Programs

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TOP AFFILIATE PROGRAMS – Click here for more info

Affiliate Program Idea? I’m going to try out a new idea with a website where in order to use some of my services people will have to register (for free) however I want to also give them the opportunity to sign up to join an email list, and the email list they join pays for each person who signs up for their email list. Anyone know of that type of Affiliate program?


Posted by Jordan G
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThat idea has been introduced about 10 years ago I think.
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Best Business Affiliate Programs

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Friend wants to start an internet business. Good idea? My friend wants to start an internet business. He has about $10,000 to start for something serious. Preferably internet based, or a middle-man operation.I’m open to any ideas and would greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!
Let me elaborate. MY FRIEND HAS $10,000 TO WORK WITH. Real businesses which he can start up please.

Posted by mūdi
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYes. Learn about affiliate programs. An affiliate program is when you sell another company’s product for upwards of 50% of the profit. You get a website and put the product on their, you promote the heck out of it. Because traffic is money. Get Google Adsense and combine it with your site to make even more money from visitors. Many company’s have affiliate programs and you didn’t even know it  – Netflix. Best Buy. Companies big and small. You can find hundreds in one place at an affiliate directory.With 10’000$ you can outsource a lot of it. You can get somebody to write an article for you for less than 5$ at many places on the internet, use 500$ to purchase 100 articles. Have your link to your website placed at the bottom of the article. Submit all 100 articles to 3 or 5 of the most popular article directories. Each article will bring 50 to 300 visitors PER week. So as soon as they get approved that is at minimum 5000 visitors per month. If conversion rate is even only 1% thats 50 affiliate sales, not even counting adsense, even if each sale is only 20$ (many are much higher) you have just made about 1000$ in your first month and a half.

Then you use 500 more dollars or 1000 dollars to get 100 or 200 more articles, Submit all of them. If you spend 2000$ outsourcing articles you will have submitted 400 articles total. Each article brings minimum 50 visitors per week. Thats 80’000 visitors a week. Conversion rate 1%, 800 sales, 20$ each, 16’000$ that month.

All you do is get a website, add adsense and affiliate programs, and do article marketing. After you spend some money outsourcing article marketing hire an SEO expert to optimize your site. OR better yet before you even GET a site outsource it to someone to build it for you. This might run 1500$ but if you can’t optimize it yourself then you need to do it or you won’t get good search engine placement.

You can learn all of this at the link below. Its more of a do-it-yourself guide that shows you how to do it without any money. The concepts still apply, except instead of a blog you need to get an actual domain and website, hire a website designer/SEO expert to make the site, register at Google adsense, register at an affiliate directory. Use both adsense and an affiliate program of your choice on your site. Hire an article writer and have them submit the articles for you or do it yourself to make sure its actually getting done.

After 6 months tops you will be making at least 10’000$ a month. Once your site gets so popular it will maintain itself and max itself out on its own, then you have a huge passive income stream. Then if you prefer you can make another site and keep doing that til you are a mulimillionaire.

The site below has all the detailed information to do all of this. And resources that you won’t find on your own, like where to find people to write your articles and build your site, so all you have to worry about is the core aspects.

How do I market my affiliate program?I have no knowledge of how to effectively market my affiliate program and website. I have little money but would like advice from the pros on how to proceed and use my profits to build my business.

Posted by drpepperok
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAre you running a business running an affiliate program or someone working as an affiliate (or affiliate marketer)? Those are two very different things and take two different approaches.If you are an affiliate, then go out and become active in social networks, forums and other blogs in your niche. Post and become active. Those are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Also, if you’re running a blog style website, post like crazy — at least 5 times a week, and I’ve found that longer posts do a lot better in search engine results.

Check the link below for a ton of free information for someone starting out as an affiliate.

What is the percentage of businesses will fail without affiliate program?

Posted by Kian
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAffiliate programs do not make a difference.On average 80% fail in first 5 years.
Some types fail more , some less.

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Affiliate Programs with Free Websites

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Questions and Answers

Where Can I Find a FREE Two Tier Affiliate Program for My Website?I am NOT gonna Pay any company for the right to sell THEIR Product. That’s about as STUPID as Paying an Employer To let me work for THEM? Duh?

Posted by Jim F
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou can find free 2-tier affiliate programs in most of the affiliate networks.
Best ads / affiliate program for website? Hi, I run a website about principles of financial accounting. The site is free and provides accounting lectures, assignments exercises and solutions. The site has about 180 pages in total.Currently I use google adsense to display ads and generate some revenues to cover costs.

What can be a good alternative for google adsense in terms of payout and total revenue earned? What may be a good affiliate program to engage in?

Aside from above considerations, I would like to ensure my visitors do not get too distracted with lots of ads as most of them come to my site to learn accounting.

Thank you.

Posted by Igor V
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comI would suggest working with, they have plenty of related business affiliate programs for you to promote like Forbes, Wall Street, Harvard Business Review and so on.  They also have multiple ways to promote those programs with various banner sizes, text and keyword links.
Can free websites join affiliate programs?

Posted by Maria Theresa D
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThey sure can…If your interested in affiliate marketing (marketing other people’s products/services) then you’ll want grab a copy of this book – Affiliate Marketing Lessons

Hope this helps…

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Free

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Affiliate programs free? If an affiliate program is free that scares me-good business ventures are rarely free-Im not a youngster and I have been fortunate, wasnt given anything. Started to help people cuz I can now – we are an affiliate – but we have Live Video Conferencing – 2 chat–profile -blog – you all know the routine -we do offer a lot- we ask a one time lifetime fee of $38 – But we DONT keep it – we give it back to the members – principle of multiplication will give back much with honest people running it – its difficult online today because everyone says they have the answer and I do have sympathy – I research other sites – call and offer this info to our members – multiple streams of income – we do not compete – we want people to succeed – those who own as well as those looking for an honest business venture – just wanted to share – sometimes people are honest and do want to help – BuddEnet and Helpingoneanothernow are real and honest – I know its your choice – Ive shared truth and will help anyone I can

Hi Nicole-thank you for asking – if you could go to I have audio (short) but very descriptive – listen carefully, as i tried to explain carefully – we pay members to sign new members – but we also cover all aspects of business – we do not compete with like businesses. Help you add multiple streams of income, not just ours. Excerpt from my book advertising, marketing and business on site. We have chat rooms – also profile – blog – Live Video Conferencing – we tried to cover every aspect of business. We do sincerely want people to make a great income from home. We always answer all emails and our telephone. Difficult to know what bus to help you. We place advertising for our members – offer many free adv links – Top Of Mind Awareness technique explained in my book excerpt – important aspect for you. We give back $38 member fee we dont keep it and we give your own URL webpage – no extra costs or risks – I have helped hundreds of people – it is what I want to do – give back – its a commodity nowadays

Affiliate and networking-to complicate confuses-not presumpteous, or condecending- I am impressed with # affiliate bus-affiliate software purchased to run our site-all for networkers-(affiliate)system, set of connections, group, set of contacts-(Networkers)partners, colleague affiliate members the software organizes your members-pays-organizes-your partners are all networking together toward the same goal – a marketer is a person that does the research on a product or place -analyzes if there is a market for prod or serv-data-what gender age of interest-advertising is consistently saturating the market by targeting the analyzed data-so you are not wasting your advertising investment dollar. Station Mng CBS TV-Bus owner employ agcy-making Bus successful thru adv for 30 yr-helping people find jobs they love-10 yrs-free excerpt of my book on adv/mkting sound intelligent-I dont compete w/bus-I want to help-link honest same type to my site-care-r bus no risk-honest-smile

Thank you – I will check out Appreciate the info. We do check out all sites as soon as we are able and we do refer our members to other businesses that can give them multiple streams of income, if they are honest and give what they offer. Since we do not compete, we refer to like business as well. Try to make it to my site if u have a moment, the audio explains what we do to help you succeed and we do pay you just to sign new members-you get your own URl and we do not have hidden costs-we place advertising for you and we work together toward your goals. A good business plan is a great start. Im going to show my age now *smile* 30 yrs Station Mng CBS TV & 10 yrs owner Employment Agency. I have combined the two, written a book (excerpt on my site) with the hope of helping people find the best home business for them and we pay our members to sign new members, so we can build our Bus Portal-Live Video Conf-chat-Blog-profile- you will make money with us-is true-smile.

Posted by joanne

mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou are mixing up affiliate marketing with network marketing, two separate industries altogether. An affiliate promotes, just like a salesman, a merchants products and uses marketing methods to do so. Network marketers sell direct or through a network products for a company, more like the franchising business model. Affiliate marketers are not charged a fee for promoting a merchants products, just like a car salesman is not charged a fee for selling a Honda, Toyota or BMW. The salesman makes a commission once the product is sold, just like an affiliate makes a commission when a customer buys from a merchant.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Affiliate marketing anybody?Ok Im looking into making a little extra money online and Ive been looking in to affiliate marketing and Ive signed up for various sites and it seems the only things that I can promote are computer based products and services books ect. My question is, is there an affiliate program that allows me to promote items other then the one listed above? Like actual things for example. A toaster,car radio,tv’s.

Posted by A. Guzman Your best bet is to get affiliated with Amazon Associates. There you can earn commission on anything purchased through your site. I used it to promote a book that I read and someone ended up buying a 32″ flat screen tv and I got paid for it. Amazon Associates has worked for me before, so there’s no reason why you can’t have the same success. You can also partner up with eBay and promote other people’s web stores. I haven’t tried the eBay route yet because you have to get approved first before using it. Once you set up either account and add it to your web page get this free course from the link below that will help you promote it. I’ve used it and it worked quite nice. There’s some pretty good info in there.
Affiliate Program?Has anyone ever tried one of these affiliate programs. Are they any good? Can you actually make money from this??Posted by jrefc2006 Yes, you can make money from affiliate programs, but you have to be willing to spend so money to do so. There are many people making a very good living through the use of affiliate marketing. A couple of programs I would reccomend are Clickbank and/or Commission Junction. If you want a really good guide to teach you how to get started, this one really helped me a lot :

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

Internet Affiliate Marketing Programs

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Selling through affiliate marketing programs?I have several articles and I am planning to sell them at $20 per 50 articles. Is there any online affiliate program where I can find any broker who will sell them for me? I have no paypal available in my country.

Posted by Den The idea of paying someone for sending you business has been around for a long time. Affiliate marketing is just a new, Internet-based, take on it. An affiliate sends traffic to your website and is paid a commission on each sale. For software this commission will typically be in the range 20-50% of the sale price (although commissions of 75% or more aren’t unheard of). Commission is usually calculated by using cookies to track the number of successful sales (‘conversions’) due to each affiliate.
Internet market Business? I signed on with Storesonline Marketing. I call to cancel and was told my three days were up for cancellations. I made stop payment from my bank. Since I signed a contract what are my chances.I.

Posted by askme
I think affliate marketing is not so easy, but if you think you can try the following first. “Making Money Online is Easy Right? It Can Be if You Know What You’re Doing” will teach you how to earn money online, and best of all, it’s free. We’ve reviewed all of the top “making money” programs online and have created this site to help you determine which products and services will actually help you make money online!Lesson #1: How Does Someone Make Money Online?There are many ways to make money online, but the most common, and most lucrative way to make money online is to sell products for companies willing to share the profits with you. The process of marketing to people online is called “Internet Marketing” and it is a multi billion dollar industry. Hundreds of thousands of people, just like yourself, are making money online everyday by partnering with companies who pay commissions based on sales that you help generate.

This sounds difficult but it’s not because these companies have “Affiliate Programs” setup for their partners (Affiliates). You can partner with thousands of companies online and start selling their products in literally minutes. So how do you start selling a companies products as an Affiliate?  Simple, all you need to do is send visitors to their websites. This sounds simple, and it is, but finding the right kind of traffic and enough of it is more difficult. Websites like teach people techniques to drive traffic to Affiliate sites and earn HUGE dollars online. Making $500 a day online is quite normal and you can get started very quickly if you know the right techniques.

Lesson #2: What If I have No Experience?

The most common misconception about Internet Marketing is that only people with good computer knowledge and marketing skills can take part. This is NOT the case.

* You DO NOT NEED a website
* You DO NOT NEED your own product
* You DO NOT NEED any previous experience (none)

What you will need is a guide to help you learn how to get started. The top marketing website online is called the Wealthy Affiliate University, and for a few dollars a month you can learn from the pro’s and work with thousands of other aspiring Internet Marketers.

Lesson #3: Be careful who you choose to learn from

Everyone has heard of being “Scammed” on the Internet, and although this is only somewhat true, many people have learned about making money online from companies who do not have good reputations in the Internet Marketing world.

There are many companies out there that offer good techniques and strategies but with little support or coaching. A program like the Wealthy Affiliate University offers both great techniques and support. If you are just getting started with Internet Marketing, support is one of the first things that you need to look for when choosing a guide. Also, steer clear from anything that offers you “Overnight” success, or “Get Rich Quick” programs.

There is no such thing as “Getting Rich Quick” on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you hear, you will never make money on the Internet overnight. Internet Marketing is a real business and it takes time to grow your business to a point where you are earning $500 / day. If you are dedicated to learning the correct techniques and are willing to put in the work, you WILL achieve your goals of making big money online.

How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links? I am relatively New to internet marketing, and I’m just finding out that I can get paid strictly for posting links, it was purely by luck that I found that out.The path that I’ve been taking, I.E. Building blogs, trying to get ranked with the major search engines has yielded Zero results. I have found like I said strictly by luck that I can get paid for posting links.The company that I am now affiliated (Virtual Office) with pays 50 cents per post.What I would like to know is ” How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links?”What is this type of affiliate marketing called, and how do I find them? Ect…,

The bottom line is, nothing succeeds like success, and now that I’ve gotten a taste of it, be it at only .50 per post, I’ve managed to make over $500.00 in 5 days, I see no problem in doing the same exact thing for more money?

So, How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links? That pay over .50 cents per post 🙂

Posted by Nelson Mendez
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThis is the affiliate marketing course of the year
Beat the 9 to 5
and it is pretty much free and I have already been a member of it so you should do it!

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Free Money Making Programs at No Cost

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Good, free, anti virus program? I do not want anything that costs money, and I want something that works well. Any suggestions?

Posted by musicfreak42
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAvast! Free Antivirus is a very good choice, its no worse then then those programs that’ll cost you money.
Is there any Low cost or free work at home online programs?I’m a stay at home mom and looking to make a bit of extra cash.I’ve heard of online work for home data entry jobs and such but dont know which are BOGUS or Real. Some sound too good to be true and some seem alright but all have a ” package fee” to start working. How true are these and are there any that anyone knows of that arent bogus or worth paying a fee for,or preferably,any that are free to start.

Posted by happyhive7
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comIf your an open minded person that would like to make a lot more money you could check out these WORK FROM HOME opportunities.
Why does it cost money to program? I’ve noticed that it costs lots of money to make a program, especially video games. Is the money used to pay the person who programs? If not, what is it for?. It looks like you don’t need any money to model 3D stuff like in CGI film industry or render models in a video game. Why does it cost to do those 3D models?
I already know that productivity & IDE, Compiler, Etc. Softwares are expensive, but I assume they use the same software and update to a new one like once every 5 years or something.

Posted by Uknown
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comCost = equipment (hardware, software – those 3D modeling programs aren’t free) + man hours (salaries, benefits) for managers, developers, testers, lawyers, administrators, etc. + advertising/marketing budget + building costs (rent, A/C, electricity, etc.) + insurance (most companies are terrified of getting sued)
The following are all substantial costs as well: upgrading software and hardware, training people to use new software and hardware, hiring & training new people, maintaining old software (bug fixes, etc.)Also, a lot of companies will not use free or open software. Whether that’s a right or wrong decision is not for me to say.

Moreover, there are many IDEs and compilers that are free to the average user, but, if you want to use them to develop commercial and/or distributable software, you are required to pay money to the companies that developed them.

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

Top Ten Affiliate Sites

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

New information for seo? Please anyone tell me. My all keyword in top ten but suddenly vanish in search engine. Give me solid reason for keyword.

Posted by Vanesh
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThere’s a good chance you’ve been hit by a recent google update, they de-indexed and penalised a lot of ‘poor quality’ sites recently particularly thin affiliate sites or ones with poor quality content and low visitor retention. You’re going to have to get someone who’s knowledgeable in SEO to analyse the site and try and work out what’s went wrong, there are a few affordable search engine optimization companies out there that could help. It could also be that you didn’t keep up your SEO and backlinking efforts and that your rankings has eventually dropped.Get someone to have a look at it and good luck.
I was wondering if anybody knows of bingo online free cash without/out deposit top ten?  TRYING to find a.s.a.p
someone help please.

Posted by rochelle m
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThe best online Bingo sites depends on what you want.If you want a free one try 1st Casinos.
There are quite a few good ones, all of which have great graphics and are full screen. Personally I like Virgin Bingo best – again see the review at the above site.There’s also a good list at 1st Casinos on the left hand side. These guys are not affiliated to anyone so you know they are genuine reviews.

Hope that helps… You could always vote for my answer if it does 🙂

What’s a good site for hosting a website?What is a good/cheap website hosting company? I know godaddy is cheap, but I heard a lot of bad things about them. I should add that this site is for a teacher. So I don’t need a lot of space/features. I prefer to pay monthly instead of paying for 12 or more months at a time. Thanks.

Posted by beausifer
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThere are literally thousands of web hosting services out there some operate with their own servers and some operate as a reseller meaning they purchase a reseller account on a host and sell it under their own name.There are various things you look for when trying to find a host. First since you’re new I’d suggest looking one with excellent support team who are willing to help with your technical questions and general website help.Also you want to consider pricing it’s a very competitive market so you can find many great prices at rock bottom prices with various coupon codes.Lastly you want to cons

I’d also caution you looking for reviews online many reviews online are actually sociated and influenced in some way. You can see an excellent host being trashed but a low grade host being praised it can be quite confusing.

If you’re looking to go with the popular brands with known great service some would be:
Host Gator, Host Dime, BlueHost

The cost of hosting varies greatly with shared hosting starting as low as $2-$15 depending on the package you purchase and the host you go with.

You also need to be caution of overselling host. Many host oversell since they are actually running at deficit. What they do is offer crazy packages claiming you this much harddrive but they can’t actually provide everyone that quoted amount of diskspace.

Essentially they expect not everyone will use the max amount of space thus it’s a good promotional stunt making them believe they are getting more for their buck. If it’s managed proper there isn’t really any issue but if not your host can run into quite some issues such as slow load time which will affect your SEO.

A slow host will also affect your Search Engine Rankings and affect user experience thus you want to be careful in choosing hosts.

VPS and Dedicated hosting do cost a lot more since it’s hard to oversell a VPS or a Dedicated Hosting they can range from $30-$400 depending on where you go and what features you add.

Generally if you’re just wanting to host one business website I’d go with shared hosting. Depending on the amount of media you have on your website I’d say it’ll take no more than 100 MB space max 1GB and these are high estimations. Most of my own sites only take about 10MB or less depending on the size.

You don’t need much bandwidth as well you just need to be save 10GB but for a high media site but for a text site with a couple of images I can get about 1000 page views only consuming 100MB so you got plenty of space.

These are the large hosts however there are also many established and great host which are also reliable the key thing is doing research.

I’d caution you once again on going with the top ten host recommendations kind of things. Host pay big money to affiliates. They pay $100/ client even shared hosting this is why many of these reviews and these sites will recommend bad host even if they know it’s bad. Also some of these sites are actually owned by the host itself.


Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

Top Free Affiliate Programs

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Make Money With Affiliate Programs?In 2008 online marketers will spend $2.1 billion on affiliate marketing fees, with U.S. Online affiliate marketing spending hitting $3.3 billion in 2012 according to a new report from JupiterResearch, US Online Affiliate Marketing Forecast, 2007-2012.
You will find here the list of the top 5 performing affiliate programs:

Posted by susanne z
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comCome and Experience Cash Gifting with Us”Start with as little as $20 and its free to join!!!!””Cash Gifting Made Affordable”Wealthy Affiliate University?

Hi I’m a 14 year old teen girl and I want to make money online in a moral/easier way. I’m not trying to say I want money but not willing to work hard for it. The problem is I found this great website called wealthy affiliate university. Here is the link Http:// ( read up on it). I found people reviewing it online, in yahoo answers, and even in youtube. Many people use it and has been making profit on it because of the helpful information. Unfortunately my parents thinks its to expensive because its $97 per month. Is there any other free information online or even books that has top quality information. Also this may not be part of the question but do you know where I can find information about building robots like in MIT, programming, building Operating systems (OS), and business. Also don’t think I’m just some uneducated teen trying to get money. I’m a straight A student so I can afford to put a few hours into this a week. Thank you in Advance. 🙂

Posted by Skittles
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAs far as I know Wealthy Affiliate will soon be lowering the price from the $97 to an optional $47 package. They also have a free version so check it out! Many other sites out there do also contain free Wealthy Affiliate tutorials whereby you can test drive at zero cost their strategies, so I highly recommend you try these out before making a decision.
What is affiliate marketing? Do i have to have a sound knowledge of internet programming and HTML etc?

Posted by nsadhan
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comSound knowledge of HTML or programmig is not needed since there are plenty of good (and free) HTML editors around and it is mostly drag-and-drop stuff. Any layman can and do setup a simple website in less than an hour’s work. Affiliate marketing requires practically zero startup cost and all you need is a computer and Internet connection. Basically you get a commission for helping to sell other people’s products online. All you do is promote their products on the Internet and you get paid! It is that simple.You do however have to put in some effort to find out how this business works. To motivate you, it is a known fact that successful affiliate marketers earn 4 to 5 figure sums consistently on a monthly basis.

Your next burning question would be “How do I get started on my very own affiliate marketing business?”

I asked myself this question a few years back and that was how I got myself educated on the nooks and cranies of affiliate marketing. The best place to start is to find out who the gurus are in this field and learn how they become so successful. The top few affiliate marketers in the world are self-made millionaires. These gurus also provide step-by-step guides on how to do affiliate marketing successfully.

If you want to be successful in this field, you have to learn and be educated first. Thats the first step. Its the same for all businesses including affiliate marketing. However it is not as hard as you think if you know where to look for the right resources to lead you down the right track and also to prevent you from falling into the pitfalls that many newbie affiliate marketers make.

Some gurus in this field are people like Ewen Chia and Chris Rempel. They are almost a legend in themselves in this field. You would also want to check out the warrior forum where affiliate marketers all over the world gather and meet to discuss affiliate marketing strategies.

I have provided the links below for the warrior forum and other resources. If you want success then you have to put in plenty of action and dedication. Rewards follow effort. There is no other way.

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Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

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