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Can anyone name the best affiliate marketing course for beginners? 
There are people who have made good fortune with affiliate marketing online and now i want to start out with some guidance. So can anyone name a good course, videos that is free to learn about marketing and which is the best company to join.

Posted by Karun
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com  First you need to learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works and then jump into more advanced methods of making money with this type of business model. There are many websites you can learn about affiliate marketing and these blogs are constantly updated so make use of them and keep yourself updated. Join forums online and ask experienced marketers doubts or ideas for succeeding and this might help you make the most of the knowledge they have. Refer a blog that is updated frequently about affiliate marketing – http://iaffiliatemarketingtips.com/If you are looking only for a course then read more it at Iaffiliatemarketingtips – Affiliate marketing guide

Once your into this market you should work consistently without giving up to see some good results in the long run.

How do I go about learning affiliate marketing? 
I have heard that learning affiliate marketing has a big learning curve to it. Thats ok with me. I dont mind putting in the hard work to get myself somewhere. I would like to know how to get myself started. What kinds of things do I need to learn besides SEO,etc. Also I dont have all kinds of money to throw at this so whatever websites need to be cheap or free.If ther is a website or way to get all my learning done in one place, that would also be great. Any help would be appreciated and I will pick a best answer!

Posted by Brad
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com  Check out this marketing how-to guide on affiliate marketing:
Marketing zoneFor more info about affiliate networks:

Also take a look at Commission Junction (cj.com); They are one of the top affiliate marketing suppliers.

Question about Affiliate Programs? 
I think I’m gonna try to do some Affiliate Marketing to make some extra money. I’ve never done affiliate marketing before so I’m just starting to learn. Right now I don’t have a website. My first question is do I need to have separate websites for each Affiliate product that I promote? Is there a place online where I can get or make a website for free or would having a blogger.com account work?
Posted by
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com Be very careful about free website and hosting companies. You can fall foul of their policies and there can be problems with bandwidth and reliability. You don’t need separate sites if you choose complimentary programs in a niche area. Check out WordPress http://wordpress.org/ and Blue Host http://www.bluehost.com/ which compliments wordpress really well. Also look at http://affiliatemarketing.sitesell.com/?… a niche marketing and hosting solution where many people report excellent results.Good luck.

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!


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