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Just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, can anyone give some beginners advice (not just links? I have opened an account with ClickBank and I have downloaded the Affiliate Masters Course e-book as well as the SiteSell e-book. I am just looking for some helpful advice on how to get started and some tips on how to be successful with it.I am not looking for any links on affiliate marketing–I’ve seen just about all of them. But if you have your own website or blog as an affiliate marketer, I would love to take a look at it to see first hand what it looks like.

I know that to be successful with this you have to put in a lot of time–this I have, I do not work or go to school, and I really want to be successful with this.

If anyone considers themself a mentor in this field, I would really appreciate your help!!!! Thanks.

Posted by Kell Hi Kell – welcome to the world of affiliate marketing!I spent many years doing affiliate marketing poorly so I’ll share some of my experiences.

(1.) Be sure you have a PROFESSIONAL looking website. I have a website sitting at that I paid someone in Serbia $50 to do. The purpose of the site was to see if the product would sell and at what price. Well, about 50% of the people who got to the first page left. Why? I don’t know for sure but my guess is because it looks like I paid $50 for it.

(2.) Do some research on SEO or pay someone to do it. This is worth GOLD. If no one can find your site then you’re not going to sell any items.

(3.) Have a good understanding of Adwords before diving in. I spent a fortune on Adwords when I first started without much to show for it. Why? Because I had a rosey outlook for things like conversion rates.

(4.) Know that very few people make a fortune at this. If you work hard and long — 5 or 6 hours a week for a full year — you’ll start to see returns. I’m an affiliate with and my website makes about $0.04 per visitor I bring to my site. I hope to double or triple that with my redesign.

(5.) Know how people are finding you. It took me the better part of a year to achieve a high ranking for the phrase: discount shopping for Most of my customers find me using this phrase. However, in the past 90 days, customers have found my site using over 500 different keywords and phrases. I use this data to help me determine which words and phrases to target next. You never know when you’ll stumble across a word or phrase that works well.

Good luck to you!

I want to start the affiliate marketing, help? I m a Freelance SEO. I don’t have a website, i want to start the affiliate marketing to earn something.
So i need any affiliate program that don’t required website, just give me my affiliate link and tell me that i can use it by SEO or Link Building work.Please tell me where do i search that affiliate program who adds me without have a website.

Posted by ravi You can start with a blog and start writing articles in the niche market of the product that you plan on promoting.
You can set up free blogs at sites like or http://www.wordpress.comHowever the disadvantage of a free blog is, your blog can be suspended for whatever reason the site decided to. Imagine if you have done plenty of work on it, get good readership and ranking and then all of a suddden, you have it all wiped out. That’s a lot of work wasted.
It’s still better to host your own, you own it and can do whatever you want. But the choice is yours.
Buying a domain name and hosting it is not as expensive as what you think.
If you are serious about going into this, you may want to consider investing a little money into this business of yours.
Domain is less than $10 a year at
hosting is about $10 a month at is one that you can start with products that you don’t need your own website to promote. It’s all digital product and opening an account there is free, thus you have zero overhead there.

An good affiliate program that I do know of but will require your own site is one that I would recommend with step by step guide to affiliate marketing. You can watch this guy video for free and how he strategize on how to make $10k a month at…

Sign up at the site for the pdf version and access to 2 extra videos that he has already rolled out after you sign up
You better hurry though, he’s opening the doors to his course  and it’s going to be for a week only.

In the end, the final decision is still yours and yours alone.

To you success and good luck.

How do you go about getting starting affiliate marketing? I want to know where is a good site to go to learn about affiliate marketing for free,any start up costs, a good site to obtain the affiliate marketing software,and whatever else to expect or anything helpful. I will most certainly award 10 points for the best answer.

Posted by millervfcorp I read the other posts as of today June 12, 2008…..let me share a few pointers about the other posts……1. They obviously are not successful affiliate marketers. 2. They don’t hit the nail on the head.Now let me advise I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years….I love affiliate marketing.

The purpose of any affiliate marketer is to “pre-sell” an already existing product or service….it can be a digital or physical product too..but there are secrets to learning the skills to being a successful affiliate marketer.

If you are just looking into affiliate marketing as a hobby?……you’re in for a big surprise….a long hard winding road of trials and tribulations with massive learning curves.

I’m into affiliate marketing for the cash….I don’t give a krap if I promote purple rain or doggie doo-doo…I certainly don’t try to “pre-sell” my interests or hobbies unless there is a tremendous demand for the information or products….

You must have a website, a autoresponder service, a lead capture system, web tools to find high demand high search es on the net…’ll be looking for “What’s Hot and What’s Not”…then you need some other tools like tracking, analytics, split testing, merchant account and a few others too.

In addition, you must have the knowledge to drive massive traffic to your landing page or lead capture sales page and build your list of permission based double opt in leads.

You’ll need the autoresponder system set up with a series of automated outgoing emails in a sequence building trust by providing unique quality content with the funnel process to end into a conversion sale.

You must give serious thought to your copywriting skills so you can not only move the free line, but also give perks along the way to educate your prospects. Give and you shall recieve.

The principle is a wash, rinse and repeat process no matter what hot market demand you do……but you must always include compelling offers and ethical bribes that force a timely return on your investment… do that with basic math on determining the time it takes you to package a campaign launch for the pre-sell and what you believe you are worth an hour.

A good clue to you is a lead captured through your permission based opt in is about $1 per lead a month
In other words, the more leads, as they grow in size and the longer you continue building a relationship with these prospects and clients….it’s cummulative……it grows and if you crunch the numbers… build a list of quality relationships of 10,000 you can project a return on a product launch of your own design .like a digital delivery product on ” how to do something”… broadcast a pre launch for building excitement and announcement with a lead sign up …you can expect by general rule of thumb about $10,000 ….

That dosn’t include back end extras, upselling, or other monetized methods for affialiate marketing….

In Summary;
1. Determine a Hot Market
2. Search for a relative web domain name
3. Register that domain name
4. Find a web hosting company to repoint your DNS
5. Research competitors and websites in that market
6. Sketch out a website better than your competitors
7. Acquire a Web Building Software
8. Acquire an FTP uploader
9. Acquire an professional autoresponder service
10. Acquire your analytics and tracking programs
11. Build your 1st website with tables, HTML and Content
12. Sign up and submit releases for article submissions
13. Sign up for Search engine submission
14. Build, upload and test your website for function
15. Write, upload and test your responder sequencer
16. Learn and implement advance CSS coding
17. Register for adsense to monetize your website
18. Register for Alexa and W3C certification
19. Draft your Disclaimers, Terms of Service and Site map
20. Launch

These are just the baby steps….but you can get by using this same concept in any Hot market if you wish with the wash rinse repeat concept, however, you’ll find this to be limiting your income… once you master the basics, and have proven conversions in sales generating….move on to other more advanced methods…..

One last point….the idea is to build multiple websites in many hot markets….like a series of different car dealerships or to large variety of market demands

This will then become an empire and you can literally print cash at will in your jammies behind your computer and only doing it a few hours a week….once you’re good at your job.

Bigdogaffiliate [at]

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