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What is the best paying affiliate program? Make easy money online through affiliate programs that works. But not those get rich quick schemes.

Posted by Easy Money The best paying affiliate program is the one that matches your site well and what your visitors need/want.What is your topic?
Who are your visitors?
What are they looking for that you currently do not have?
What will they be interested in?The FIT is very important. A travel website will do well offering affiliate programs on tour packages, hotel bookings or airline ticketing. An article on how to start a daycare will benefit greatly with an affiliate program of an ebook selling how to start a daycare. If the fit is there, you can earn big bucks from affiliate program

It’s another case though if your site is nothing but a bunch of affiliate programs with no original content. That is very hard to monetize and get traffic to the site because you have nothing but a bunch of advertisement.

Anyone know a good company with a good affiliate program? Preferably one with an attorney and either a fair price and a
fair commission and no upfront fee.
OOps! Sorry, i meant to ask if anyone knew of a good loan modification company with an attorney if they offered an affiliate program. Sorry about that.

Posted by bigmo Affiliate programs — where you sell for another company and you get a commission for a sale or a lead — do not typically engage an attorney One of the biggest affiliate programs around —’s Associate Program and the affiliate marketplace Commission Junction — will just let you apply, they check your site if they like it and in keeping with their policies, you agree to their terms and conditions. Once accepted, you put their banners upNo special treatments like lawyers sitting with you. Heck, you won’t even get a call from them or talk to them on the phone, much less in person. Everything is done online and via email

Unless you are talking of a different, not-Web related affiliate program.

What is “Affiliate Program”?And what this means “60 day tracking cookie”?

Posted by Raduska An affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Web. You write the content that you typically write and then link to the products that you talked about. When one of your customers clicks on the link and buys the product, you get a small commision of the sale.The reason affiliate programs work so well is becuase you’re not relying on a computer to match up ads to your content. You do it yourself. You know best what ads would work best on your content and which products and services recommend. And when your readers see that you’ve taken the time to review a product or service, they’re going to feel more comfortable buying that product.Most programs have very specific rules about how they pay, but there are two common ways that you can expect to see:

Pay per click – This is similar to most online advertising, and you get paid whenever someone clicks on the link, button, or image you placed on your site. Pay per click is usually fairly low paying.

Pay per action – Instead of paying you everytime someone clicks on a link from your site, this method of affiliate payment tracks what the customer does once they leave your site. You might be paid a percentage of any sales they make or you might get paid every time someone moves deeper into the target site. This method, especially when you get a percentage of sales, can be very lucrative.

Before you ask, I can’t really answer the question how much do affiliate programs pay because it varies so much from site to site and program to program. I’ve seen programs where people made thousands of dollars per month and others where they barely made any money.

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