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Can someone tell me about affiliate marketing coach?

Posted by sujan

mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAffiliate marketing is a technique where other publishers and websites will promote your business by rewarding, in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing coach is one who can teach you how to promote affiliate products.So basically what you do as an affiliate is :

You promote other people’s (or Company’s) Product using a special link with a code only being used by you embedded into it (this is required by advertiser to track the leads referred by you).
If someone buys that product (or in some cases completes a task like signing up or completing a survey) using your link, it gets tracked by the advertiser and you are rewarded a commission (which is a percentage of the sale price but can also be a fixed amount as set by the advertiser).
This way both the advertiser and the publisher is benefited. Advertisers get more sales of their product when many publishers (or affiliates) promote their product and Affiliates in turn generate revenue by promoting the product. Moreover Advertiser pays only when a sale is made so there is no risk of getting non converting visits like in some PPC campaigns.

Can anyone help me with affiliate marketing ?I have looked all over the internet for information on how to really sell affiliate products. I have built a website, worked articles, worked facebook, worked twitter, and tried classifieds. Nothing seems to work at all. I can’t seem to drive traffic to any information I give out. For example I have done many reviews for many different things. I have tried building content, keywords, and plenty of graphics on my site. I would really like help from someone that has actually sold affiliate products and I’m not talking has become a millionaire I just need a way to make some extra money online.  Please do not try to sell me an ebook, training program, or anything like that. I’m looking for someone that could talk to me or point me in the direction of a free information site that actually takes me step by step to make 1 sell. If I can make that one sell I will know how to do it and will be able to repeat it. So can anyone help me with affiliate marketing ?
If affiliate marketing is now dead can anyone tell me what I can do online to make money? I really need to make extra money to take care of more things at home.  I know things can be done for free it just takes a little info to get moving in the correct direction.

Posted by Jason
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comHi Jason,
Affiliate marketing isn’t totally dead yet. If it was, then why are so many people still making money out of it? Why are companies such as clickbank still thriving? Personally affiliate marketing never appealed to me. I think the key to building a business online is in the email list. What I suggest is building a reputation in a certain niche (such as a blog, or writing articles), and then offering the audience a free incentive (opting into the list). Once you get that list up to around 1000 people, you’re practically set for life. Just keep them interested, and sell then either affiliate links, or your own products.
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