What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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What is affiliate marketing ?  How is SEO is involved in this procedure?
helping tools.

Posted by Majid Hanif
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com  Affiliate marketing is an industry where affiliate marketers act as commission merchants promoting other people’s products and.or services.The affiliate marketer’s purpose is, of course, to make money. The vendors’ purpose, aside from making money, is to mobilize an army of affiliate marketers for greater exposure.
Stakeholders?  The affiliates, the vendor and the end-users.
Benefits to the affiliate marketers include not having to create, package. deliver and provide customer support for a product. To the vendor, it means less advertising costs.
Drawbacks: Competition for the affiliate marketers.
Helping tools for the affiliate marketers: list-building site, blog, article marketing and other methods of advertising.
To the vendors, an affiliate marketing program software and a high-converting sales page.There’s more but there’s not enough space here.
What exactly does affiliate marketing do?  A guy came into my work today.. He does something with affiliate marketing (I don’t know much about it). He told me that he’s expanding his business and he would like to sit down and talk to me about it. I guess offer me a job. I’m kinda young so i’m worried he’s trying to scam me. Does anyone know more about this business?

Posted by Laur
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com   Affiliate marketing is normally what is known as multilevel marketing and it sometimes is a scam, but not always. If it involves insurance sales, run away fast!  ADDED: One poster stated that my statement above is incorrect, as “affiliate marketing” and “multilevel marketing” are not synonymous. He is technically correct; many great companies offer affiliate marketing programs, but most of the programs widely advertised as business opportunities for those without prior expertise tend to be MLM. Some are absolute scams, some are totally legit in every respect; but most are going to be duds for most of the people who try them.
How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Posted by
mauritzdevill@yahoo.com  There are lots of different ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing is a large area that attracts lots of people every day.
With affiliate marketing, you get paid for sending targeted traffic (leads) to the sales page of the product owner. There are “free” and “paid” methods to do this.  However, there are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, and you can find hundreds of programs or training systems out there to help you along the way.  Most of the ads that are currently used make it sound like you can be a millionaire overnight without any effort on your part.  Just buy the program and everything happens on autopilot. Unfortunately this is just NOT true.  Many of the ads are very misleading, and some border on being flat out dishonest.  Watch out for any ad that promises easy money, fast money, or everything for free.   Also avoid products with “secret”, or “hidden” or “black hat” tricks, especially if they don’t tell you what the product is about.  Blind ads, where you cannot tell what the product really is (they will often have a bunch of bullets telling what it is not…) will just suck money from your wallet and leave you dissatisfied.  Also avoid most of the ones that claim to make money using social media (facebook, twitter, etc) as the majority are just spamming the various pages and groups.  Fewer than 5% of the people that try affiliate marketing actually succeed and make any significant money. Most of them don’t make it because they buy the product, then don’t follow it for one reason or another, usually because it takes a lot of personal effort or is harder than they thought. Others get discouraged because it takes a much longer time to start seeing results than the ad claimed. If you do want to make money online, affiliate marketing can work, but you have to be willing to put in the effort it takes to get started. You will likely need to spend some money on a domain name, plus a web site with a blogging engine like wordpress and an autoresponder to send out your newsletter emails. Initially this will cost you about a hundred dollars, and about thirty dollars a month ongoing cost. Your cost will increase as you get a large number of subscribers, but your profits will offset the additional costs. The traffic everyone calls “free” will cost you in personal time, unless you buy paid traffic. For a newbie, the quickest way to an empty wallet is to buy paid traffic right off the bat. You will be spending a LOT of time writing. You will need to write posts for your blog, email messages, and probably articles for the article directories. This will take you at least a couple of hours a day for the next month or so to become established. Once established, you will be able to get away with less writing, but it will never go away. If you have the cash, you can get others to do much of the writing for you (it’s called outsourcing), but you have to tell them exactly what you want, so will need to do it yourself awhile first. If you do get involved with affiliate marketing, make sure you know about the product(s) you are recommending. Often all you see are reviews that are a few of the bullet points from the advertisement, because the affiliate has never seen the actual product. This leads to additional dissatisfaction with the products, and can get you a poor reputation if you recommended a product that didn’t deliver on the advertising promises.None of this is particularly difficult, but it does take quite a bit of effort.  I’m not selling anything here, but will be posting more information about Honest Marketing in the future.

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

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