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New to affiliate marketing ?  Looking for any new internet affiliate marketing products?

Posted by Jacob
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou can search for Affiliate Offer Directory to find many lists of available affiliate offers. Two big affiliate networks are for digital download products and Commission Junction for physical products.You might find discussions of hot products on marketer forums like but generally successful affiliate are tight lipped about the specifics of their successes that required a lot of experimental trial and error testing to discover.

How to find affiliates for marketing my website? Ready to give 5 % commission per purchase?

Posted by Abhi
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThere are affiliate program directories you could be listed in. That 5% payout sounds low, Amazon can offer 4% – 8% because their site has good conversion, 6% – 20% seems most common for physical products (not digital)You can find self managed affiliate program software that simplifies the registration and tracking process. Watch for higher return rates or strange country IPs from some affiliate leads that might indicate fraud.
Where are the best places to look for online affiliate marketers?
I’m considering routes to market for a fantastic software product that’s got some great clients already, but needs to find a larger-scale way of finding new customers.It’s a software-as-a-service product which I think could work well for affiliate online marketing.  But I’ve never used this approach myself before, does anyone have any tips for appointing affiliate marketers, any directories they can recommend, people they’ve used successfully before etc.?

Posted by Steffan A

mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAs an affiliate manager I can tell you that there are many ways to find affiliates. First of all you must target your research to affiliates that deal with the products you are trying to promote.Once you have targeted your niche you can do: 1. Web intelligence: You can use several tools as or to find the owner of the affiliate site 2. Massive Recruitment: You can go to different forums and promote your affiliate program. (READ the rules of each forums they might ban you if you don’t follow them) To recruit affiliates you need to have an organized system that will track, aid’s, orders, click’s and all the stats that you will need to clarify the affiliates status. If your company has an online store they surely have a tracking system, you should ask.

Good Luck.

REAL online passive income? 

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