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Affiliate programs?    
I have been considering doing the Adult Friend Finder affiliate program..where you get so much money if people click on the ad and if so many sign up..does it really work? How do you advertise them for cheap or free? Has anyone made decent money doing it? How do you advertise something without it being considered spam?
Posted by Scarlet Rose I’ve never heard of it but here is a free advertising resource. There are free strategies to getting traffic.Home Business Directory
What are the best money making affiliate programs?I have a website call and i would to add some to selling affiliating programs to it,i already have voip,can anyone suggest some.thank you
when i say affiliate a mean like airline,phone,beauty companies etc,companies that offer services and goods.

Posted by  So far the affiliate program that has earned me the most money is the 5 Pillar Program from SiteSell. You earn over $70 commision for each Site Build It product sold. And lifetime commisions on renewals. There is a free promotion center with landing pages for almost any type of person. Plus offline marketing tools like flyers you can customize & print. Even educational material to help you learn how to market effectively. Free to join.

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Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

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