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Is There A Simple Affiliate Software Out There That will Acually Work After Downloading? I have bought and tried several software and programs, but after I pay for the product and download it.. I always get an error or the software wont let me in!! Super frustrating!! Has anyone tried something that will actually work?

Posted by Renee Griggs I recommend as well, it was my first affiliate software, I had no php knowledge, but I could easily connect it to other scripts and install it all by myself.It’s very cheap and you can even get discount on it.
Is the software (antivirus 2009) affiliated with YAHOO ???

Posted by TY Hello,Antivirus 2009 is not a part of yahoo at all. If you have it, it was probably downloaded automatically by a virus from visiting a webpage.AntiVirus 2009 is a rogue antivirus program, that displays false information stating that you are infected, when your not infected, while not allowing you to remove anything unless you first purchase the software. It’s from the makers of Win Antivir 2008. It also displays fake alerts on your computer which is just another tactic to scare you into purchasing the program.

Removal Instructions-


Online marketing through bloggers/affiliate? How can I earn money on my website by linking to others blogs or products and vise versa? How I can pay bloggers who are referring to my online products on my website, how i can find out how many people have purchased from my website through their referral and pay them their commission?

Posted by Chris  Some shopping cart software packages include affiliate management, I believe you can find add-on packages as well. It’s way more complicated to employ affiliates than to be one, sell through eBay or Amazon and you benefit from their own aff programs.
You would have to do the legwork of getting your affiliate program listed in the various aff program directories, of course a good reputation is essential.
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