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Online affiliate marketing? I’m planning on conducting on-line affiliate marketing soon. I got my homepage ready, now up to finding a hosting and domain name. If any of you are doing on-line affiliate business and has found it to be working effectively, I’d like to hear your story. I kinda need some encouragement here coz I;m new to this kinda stuff. Have you made good money out of it? How long have you been doing it? Some tips for success appreciated! Pls let me know, thanks!

Posted by pjberkeley You probably already know what has the best opportunities because they do all software and the commissions are fairly high.I am trying it myself and am just starting. I am going get into public records and see how that works out. Clickbank’s programs in that area havde about $20 – $ 25 commission per sale. I’ll try advertising on AdWords and see what kind of ROI I get. You should use the paid option of to come up with narrowed keywords if you plan to advertise with AdWords like I am.

If you want, why don’t we keep in touch & compare notes?

Do “free traffic” software downloads really work?
I’m trying to start affiliate marketing. Currently I have an idea of direct offering with click bank e-book products on Microsoft ad-center. (Google banned me, that’s why I switched to Microsoft ad-center) I also tried facebook as well. Anyway I’ve seen possible “instant traffic” kind of websites out there like this:… and was wondering if this stuff works? Or if it is just a scam…I’m seen multiple websites out there and most of them look like b.s… Ive also tried to promote my own didn’t work out, it wasn’t for me at takes to long with all the SEO and crap like that..I’m only targeting people who know about direct offering and sites like the link above..thanks!! Any answer will help..

Posted by Tyler Hello TylerSome free traffic software downloads do work and some don’t, actually most do not work that I have found. Once you find one “free traffic” software that does work you should stick with who ever made it and only purchase other software they suggest. Any time I find a program that does not work I return it asap. I have probably returned about 100 programs or more lol. I feel if I don’t learn anything new from the program I return it. I will not return it if I learn several thing I never knew that are actually helpful.

Good luck with your venture.

What is Affiliate Marketing software?
I’m just starting out to learn affiliate marketing, (not easy) and I want to know if affiliate marketing software can help me as far as what to do and when to do it. Thanks.

Posted by csmalin If you are trying to sell your product using other affiliates then you should use an affiliate network such as Google Affiliate Network for physical products of ClickBank for digital products.
If you are trying to be an affiliate marketer yourself let me give you an advice:
Forget about software at this stage, start from the basics and learn the business.
Don’t fall for Guru’s and Super Affiliates products, they suck, because they are not teaching you the business only their experience which won’t help you much.
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