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I want to join Affiliate Junktion program.? But I don’t have a telephone for contacts, I can’t register.

Posted by ca000024
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comTry Zango, they have something like that. I’m currently using it and i’m making an average of $30 USD a day. My traffic is only about 1k-2k unique viewers.
Zango not only give you $1+ per install but provides you with free content to put on your site.
Their site is
I hope you find this helpful.
Can anyone tell me how to run my affiliate program? Is it necessary to first do any purchasing from the website? I am kinda confused :S.

Posted by Small Cat
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comMost affiliate programs are free to join. You should be more specific because asking “how to run an affiliate program” is such a very broad topic. 🙂
If I join an affiliate marketing program, is it okay to use a free webhosting service?Or is it better to have my own independent site?

Posted by Andrew
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou can use a free hosting service. In fact I, and many others have successfully used them to promote affiliate offers. It does help to have your own site, for more than one reason. With your own site, obviously, you own it, and don’t have to worry about it ever getting taken away. You also tend to have a lot more control as to what goes on, with your own site. For example, you can’t really set up redirects and forwards on a lot of free services, or other things like running scripts.The other good thing about having your own site, is that as you do your SEO, and start building backlinks and traffic, you’re building value to the site, which is paying you in the long run. If you spend 2-3 weeks building traffic to a free site, you can’t decide to sell it really.But, aside from those reasons, free sites can work just fine to promote affiliate offers. In fact, I have been using one recently.

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