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I want to join Affiliate Junktion program.? But I don’t have a telephone for contacts, I can’t register.

Posted by ca000024
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comTry Zango, they have something like that. I’m currently using it and i’m making an average of $30 USD a day. My traffic is only about 1k-2k unique viewers.
Zango not only give you $1+ per install but provides you with free content to put on your site.
Their site is
I hope you find this helpful.
Can anyone tell me how to run my affiliate program? Is it necessary to first do any purchasing from the website? I am kinda confused :S.

Posted by Small Cat
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comMost affiliate programs are free to join. You should be more specific because asking “how to run an affiliate program” is such a very broad topic. 🙂
If I join an affiliate marketing program, is it okay to use a free webhosting service?Or is it better to have my own independent site?

Posted by Andrew
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou can use a free hosting service. In fact I, and many others have successfully used them to promote affiliate offers. It does help to have your own site, for more than one reason. With your own site, obviously, you own it, and don’t have to worry about it ever getting taken away. You also tend to have a lot more control as to what goes on, with your own site. For example, you can’t really set up redirects and forwards on a lot of free services, or other things like running scripts.The other good thing about having your own site, is that as you do your SEO, and start building backlinks and traffic, you’re building value to the site, which is paying you in the long run. If you spend 2-3 weeks building traffic to a free site, you can’t decide to sell it really.But, aside from those reasons, free sites can work just fine to promote affiliate offers. In fact, I have been using one recently.

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Questions and Answers

Looking for honest reviews from real people on shareasale affiliate program?I am looking at shareasale affiliate program for my blog.I am trying to get some honest reviews of their affiliate program from real people who use it.

Posted by ecminn
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comI like Here’s a high demand product that sells itself and offers high commission. Affiliates earn $40 commission on sales. Affiliate program managed via: PayDotCom. Payment method: PayPal. Website: Http://www.BusinessCreditKey.comLogin to affiliate members area: Https://…

Which affiliate program(s) are TRULY the highest-paying and easiest to generate commissions with via PPC?Hello.I have tried *multiple* affiliate programs with failure. I have tried to promote debt consolidation, payday loans, etc, and my advertising costs have always so far exceeded my profits. I’d like to ask if anybody knows of any particular affiliate program which is easy for people to signup for (meaning that it does not have strict qualification restrictions), and, again, has the highest earnings per visitor average. It must not be an adult affiliate program either.

Posted by
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comGo to Https://… and they will give you 1¢ per click + 10% of final sales.I also try Https:// with Amazon, but they don’t pay that much. I just find that people are more likely to buy from amazon than any other website with an affiliate program.

P.S. I have never run into an affiliate program where you are permitted to use PPC, but I don’t know how any of those companies would catch you doing that. I personally think PPC’s are a waste of money though. I have had luck with google adwords, but that is because I used a promo code. A $75 promo code earned me $15. I am not an expert at this as I have only been doing this for a few days. So I don’t know any real tricks that would help you out. I just know what these companies pay.

I need to know all affiliate programs with high comission?

Posted by ethanthefuture
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comSiteSell is one of the best in my opinion, they pay commission from $75 to $250 per subscription package and lifetime commissions on renewals. They give you all the tools how to promote them a lot of information and videos. You can build a successful website or just sign up for affiliate with them. This is the business that works, if you willing to spend some time with it. You can read a lot of information about them your self : Http://

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Questions and Answers

Your top 10 ways of earning money online?

Posted by Zettai Ryouiki 1)web designing
3)Affiliate marketing
5)Stock photography
6)stock market
9)sign up jobs
10)paid to clickI have described little about microworks and paid to click job that doesn’t require investment in my blog.It may help you.
What are the top five money making websites online??

Posted by joe t Top 5? Frankly, there are no top 5 rankings in money-making websites. However if you really wish to know more, I have spent some time compiling a few money-making websites that I have managed to draw some money from. Yes, they work!.Online making money opportunities happen anywhere, anytime. As long as you can follow a system and think positive, you will succeed.What’s the system? 1) Find a niche (Use Amazon or Ebay to find out what niche product is in high demand 2) Create an offer (You have to have your own website to do that) 3) Drive Traffic to your website.

I just wish to remind all those who are hoping to make a quick buck through the internet that you have to be prepared to persevere. Online businesses are just like traditional business that require lots of commitment

For online programmes, you should join only the reputable ones. There are so many people out there who claimed to be the world’s top internet guru.. If your pals around you and you have never heard of the programme recommended by strangers, do take a halt to your plans. Go to Google Search and search for a review of the product. Yes, it takes some time, but do go through the reviews. It will give you a rough feel of the ground on what they think of the product or the programme.

There are basically two types of internet business – the first being affiliate business (getting a commision for selling other people’s products)

If you are exploring this aspect (online affiliate business), you should learn from the reputable gurus in this line.

Alright, I have covered some grounds on affiliate marketing, let us move on to online network marketing.

I have been in the online network marketing business for a few years and based on years of trial and errors, I have accumulated a list of a few companies that have delivered. I hate to see newbies in the business going through the kind of steep learning curve that I went through. Hopefully, my reply will shorten your learning days by many many times. Wishing you every success.

I shall start first with the F.R.E.E. Programmes that truly work. However, for the fact that it is free, the earnings will be slightly slower. It is definitely the best platform for you to train your marketing skills in terms of a MLM programme.

Finally, if you are confident of your abilities and you decided to stay focus on a network marketing programme that has created a stir across the world, This is a subscription-based programme and that’s why the returns are so lucrative. The monthly fee charged is US$10, but if you place efforts in promoting the business, you will make many times more. My advice to you is, join only if you are serious about succeeding in online network marketing.

Alright, hope that I have helped you sufficiently. You will make it!

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Opportunity to make money with paypal?

I am in the market for making money. I want to make money with my paypal account. I heard affiliate marketing is the best way. I just need the best one! Can I get some help? Got any suggestions anyone? Experiences? I only want the ones that really work top 3-10.

Posted by candleman888 There are so many money making programs available in the Internet. There are too many online scams are out there in the Internet who steal both money and time of the people. This makes people to think that, online money making is a mere fake and it is only for persons who are scamming the web. But the real truth is one can mealy earn from the online resources.

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Questions and Answers

Amazon Affiliates Question? Can you affiliate items from amazon that are not sold or fulfilled through amazon? But instead are sold on amazon but only from the list of new and used sellers?Example: Ships from and sold by HealthCraze. Gift-wrap available.

Can I get an affiliate link from these products?

Posted by Joe ssssss I also running AA program and here is list of excluded products:…Here is Operation Agreement:…

Seems that you can’t earn money from “any product or service sold on a site linked to from the Amazon Site (e.g., a product or service listed through our “Product Ads” program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link, or other link displayed on the Amazon Site)” And therefore you can’t earn money referring them.

Affiliate market System Help? Could someone please help me with the whole ‘Affiliate Market System’Hi guys, as im sure most of you are aware, money is tight these days, very tight…. Bordering on losing the house kind of tight….
Ive seen all these adds for ” I earn over £5000 a month thanks to…. ” and I know thats all bullshit…
But never the less I did some research and have found that you can actually make money quite successfully using affiliate marketing.
Im fairly new to all of this, however not to computers. Im studding a degree in computing and engineering and have a very knowledegable basis on how the computer, internet, building websites, programming…. Etc works.

Could someone please tell me how the whole system works and how to go about starting to make money?
I dont want to be come a ‘super’ affiliate and be on redicelous amounts of money… Just enough to ease the belt up a little bit if you know what i mean…

Thanks in advance guys 🙂

Posted by Gosh! You were running from these “rich quick systems” and it seems like all your answers are like that. :)) Funny faith. Here’s the answer you need:Affiliate Marketing is indeed great because it allows you to make some money even without an investment. Shortly, when you’re promoting someone’s website/product and you’re receiving a commission for the purchases made through your affiliate link, it means that you’re doing affiliate marketing. Anyway, there are some things you should take into account if you’re looking to maximize your profits. Things like :
– tracking your driven traffic, in order to be a step ahead of the product’s owner (in this way you can get all the commissions deserved);
– capturing leads (building a list), in order to keep in touch with the visitors you drive on the seller’s page (in this way you can send the other offers later);
– build a relationship with you’re list (crucial for maximising your sells);
These are some of the most important things you must do in order to have control upon the traffic you’re driving, and to have a plan in affiliate marketing. Because, to be honest, without having a plan you it’s almost impossible to make a dime with affiliate marketing. Of course, you can make sells, but only if you can drive tones of targeted traffic to the affiliate link, and that is impossible for someone who is just starting (even for someone with experience in affiliate marketing).

Now, how to start making some money?
Well…that’s the real problem. I know that you’re trying to get involved in this to earn fast money, but the thing is that you should first learn and understand what you’re doing, because no one makes money by mistake, but they make it because they did something.

Anyways, if you really what to see how to start, here’s a quick start:

– go to and sign up as an affiliate;
– after signing up, go to marketplace and find a product to promote;
– after finding the product, just click that green button promote, inert your ID, and the first link that appears to you will be the link to which you should start driving traffic.
– then send preferably targeted traffic and make sales.

Those being said, I think you now know something about affiliate marketing, and I hope this answers your question. If not, you can always send me an email or IM me with any question you have. Down at the source you can find an article about some Affiliate Marketing Secrets written by me.

Best regards,
Cristian Andrei.

Can affiliate marketing be used to sell one-of-a-kind products and if so how? Do I need to have a big list to become a successful affiliate? Do you need a big website to successfully use Affiliate Marketing?

Posted by No and no. I subscribe to a bunch of affiliates and make money from all of them without a website.

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Best Affiliates for Online Businesses

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Questions and Answers

How is affiliate marketing considered an online business? How is a website with content that makes money from ads and affiliate products considered an “online business”? You can’t make business cards for your website, can you? Since you are not providing a service or product, but providing information, you can’t call yourself a CEO of your website, can you?

Posted by Baf F You only make any money from that if you have a website with CONTENT that will attract eyeballs who THEN might see the ads for the companies you have affiliate accounts with – unless you are getting at least 1,000 visits a day to your website, you probably won’t make one dollar with affiliate programs.Of course you can make business cards for your website, – if you have content there that you provide and update regularly, but if it is just a website with links on it for your affiliate programs, it’s not going to get any business.

How do I start an online affiliate business?

Posted by tom865
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comRegister yourself with affiliate networks.
Best online business? Popular.

Posted by Lolita
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAffiliate marketing is the best online business
no investment, work from home and full earning.

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Affiliate Marketing – Overview for Beginners

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Questions and Answers

New at affiliate marketing. Which blog or site builder should I use.?I need a easy to use site builder.
I will be using Amazon & Ebay links. Any help??

Posted by Tommy gun Hey Tommy!It rather depends on your personal level of technical skill here. The top three options that come to mind would be …

1) — Very easy to use. Just set-up a free account and start bloggin’! The downside to this option would be the lack of control you have over your site. You can’t add scripts or much in the way of customization. Plus, they could decide to cancel you at any time without warning.

2) WordPress — With this option you would register your own domain name and buy your own hosting and then you’re free to do pretty much anything your heart desires! It requires a little bit of technical knowledge but not as much as building everything from scratch. This is probably your best bet.

3) SiteSell — This can be a little costly (about $300?) but they provide absolutely every tool you could ever want all in one package. Vast amount of online help available and forums filled with people willing to help you. Good newbie package. Many successful affiliate marketers started here.

My best advice is to pick one and stick with it until you start making your first dollars online. You can expand from there.

–JR Rich.

Should I make so many different sites when affiliate marketing? Example for amazon products; should I make a simple review site with many products on it or make a site with a standalone review of one product? Eg or

Posted by Y Domain containing keywords has high possibility to get on top in search engine. You got to have different domain but you can program 1 store at the back.
How to promote affiliate mini sites?  I’ve just started out with affiliate marketing and have made a mini site for a particular niche but how do i get traffic? I tried promoting it on squidoo and similar places but i just don’t seem to get enough traffic,any good free SEO techniques?doesn’t matter if they are black hat.

Posted by Vivek N There are plenty of ways to promote your site.
1) Article Marketing
Really a powerful method in getting audience. Write a good article based on your niche topic and submit it in article directories. Just go to google or yahoo and search for “free article directories”. It will suggest you a host of directories that you can easily submit your writings. When people surf in that certain directory, they might stumble into your article and you got all the fame needed to be successful in Internet Marketing.2) Blogging
This method is just like the article writing. You write what you want but good contents for your audience in blogs. The better you got, the more audience you get. You can also submit the same contents that you wrote in blogs in article directories. You get instant viewers if your article is in top 10 within your niche

3) Offer free stuffs
It’s always good to get free stuffs. Everyone likes it.So offer some free stuffs such as e-books or software for your audience. You will get a good, loyal and repeating audience. If you are looking for FREE e-books to market it in your site, check out this link. provides a host of e-books on internet marketing. The e-books will be updated weekly. So hurry up and get your best one soon.

4) E-mail Marketing
It’s as easy as ABC. Just promote your site to all your online contacts using e-mail.Write a good email that will attract your audience. If you got the contents right and able to convince your contacts , you are on your way to success.

5) SEO-Search Engine Optimization
Check out for HOT tips on SEO

6) You Tube Videos
Use free videos from you tube and paste the links in your site. People like video tutorials better than articles or e-books.

7) Google Adsense
I strongly suggest you to visit and learn about google adsense.If it’s not the best, atleast one of the best income generator for your websites. Visit the link and watch the video tutorials for FREE.

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Questions and Answers


TOP AFFILIATE PROGRAMS – Click here for more info

Affiliate Program Idea? I’m going to try out a new idea with a website where in order to use some of my services people will have to register (for free) however I want to also give them the opportunity to sign up to join an email list, and the email list they join pays for each person who signs up for their email list. Anyone know of that type of Affiliate program?


Posted by Jordan G
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comThat idea has been introduced about 10 years ago I think.

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Best Business Affiliate Programs

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Questions and Answers

Friend wants to start an internet business. Good idea? My friend wants to start an internet business. He has about $10,000 to start for something serious. Preferably internet based, or a middle-man operation.I’m open to any ideas and would greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!
Let me elaborate. MY FRIEND HAS $10,000 TO WORK WITH. Real businesses which he can start up please.

Posted by mūdi
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYes. Learn about affiliate programs. An affiliate program is when you sell another company’s product for upwards of 50% of the profit. You get a website and put the product on their, you promote the heck out of it. Because traffic is money. Get Google Adsense and combine it with your site to make even more money from visitors. Many company’s have affiliate programs and you didn’t even know it  – Netflix. Best Buy. Companies big and small. You can find hundreds in one place at an affiliate directory.With 10’000$ you can outsource a lot of it. You can get somebody to write an article for you for less than 5$ at many places on the internet, use 500$ to purchase 100 articles. Have your link to your website placed at the bottom of the article. Submit all 100 articles to 3 or 5 of the most popular article directories. Each article will bring 50 to 300 visitors PER week. So as soon as they get approved that is at minimum 5000 visitors per month. If conversion rate is even only 1% thats 50 affiliate sales, not even counting adsense, even if each sale is only 20$ (many are much higher) you have just made about 1000$ in your first month and a half.

Then you use 500 more dollars or 1000 dollars to get 100 or 200 more articles, Submit all of them. If you spend 2000$ outsourcing articles you will have submitted 400 articles total. Each article brings minimum 50 visitors per week. Thats 80’000 visitors a week. Conversion rate 1%, 800 sales, 20$ each, 16’000$ that month.

All you do is get a website, add adsense and affiliate programs, and do article marketing. After you spend some money outsourcing article marketing hire an SEO expert to optimize your site. OR better yet before you even GET a site outsource it to someone to build it for you. This might run 1500$ but if you can’t optimize it yourself then you need to do it or you won’t get good search engine placement.

You can learn all of this at the link below. Its more of a do-it-yourself guide that shows you how to do it without any money. The concepts still apply, except instead of a blog you need to get an actual domain and website, hire a website designer/SEO expert to make the site, register at Google adsense, register at an affiliate directory. Use both adsense and an affiliate program of your choice on your site. Hire an article writer and have them submit the articles for you or do it yourself to make sure its actually getting done.

After 6 months tops you will be making at least 10’000$ a month. Once your site gets so popular it will maintain itself and max itself out on its own, then you have a huge passive income stream. Then if you prefer you can make another site and keep doing that til you are a mulimillionaire.

The site below has all the detailed information to do all of this. And resources that you won’t find on your own, like where to find people to write your articles and build your site, so all you have to worry about is the core aspects.

How do I market my affiliate program?I have no knowledge of how to effectively market my affiliate program and website. I have little money but would like advice from the pros on how to proceed and use my profits to build my business.

Posted by drpepperok
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAre you running a business running an affiliate program or someone working as an affiliate (or affiliate marketer)? Those are two very different things and take two different approaches.If you are an affiliate, then go out and become active in social networks, forums and other blogs in your niche. Post and become active. Those are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Also, if you’re running a blog style website, post like crazy — at least 5 times a week, and I’ve found that longer posts do a lot better in search engine results.

Check the link below for a ton of free information for someone starting out as an affiliate.

What is the percentage of businesses will fail without affiliate program?

Posted by Kian
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comAffiliate programs do not make a difference.On average 80% fail in first 5 years.
Some types fail more , some less.

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