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Questions and Answers

I want to join Affiliate Junktion program.? But I don’t have a telephone for contacts, I can’t register.

Posted by ca000024
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comTry Zango, they have something like that. I’m currently using it and i’m making an average of $30 USD a day. My traffic is only about 1k-2k unique viewers.
Zango not only give you $1+ per install but provides you with free content to put on your site.
Their site is
I hope you find this helpful.
Can anyone tell me how to run my affiliate program? Is it necessary to first do any purchasing from the website? I am kinda confused :S.

Posted by Small Cat
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comMost affiliate programs are free to join. You should be more specific because asking “how to run an affiliate program” is such a very broad topic. 🙂
If I join an affiliate marketing program, is it okay to use a free webhosting service?Or is it better to have my own independent site?

Posted by Andrew
mauritzdevill@yahoo.comYou can use a free hosting service. In fact I, and many others have successfully used them to promote affiliate offers. It does help to have your own site, for more than one reason. With your own site, obviously, you own it, and don’t have to worry about it ever getting taken away. You also tend to have a lot more control as to what goes on, with your own site. For example, you can’t really set up redirects and forwards on a lot of free services, or other things like running scripts.The other good thing about having your own site, is that as you do your SEO, and start building backlinks and traffic, you’re building value to the site, which is paying you in the long run. If you spend 2-3 weeks building traffic to a free site, you can’t decide to sell it really.But, aside from those reasons, free sites can work just fine to promote affiliate offers. In fact, I have been using one recently.

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Best, Free Affiliate Program Management Software…

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Questions and Answers

What is the best paying affiliate program? Make easy money online through affiliate programs that works. But not those get rich quick schemes.

Posted by Easy Money The best paying affiliate program is the one that matches your site well and what your visitors need/want.What is your topic?
Who are your visitors?
What are they looking for that you currently do not have?
What will they be interested in?The FIT is very important. A travel website will do well offering affiliate programs on tour packages, hotel bookings or airline ticketing. An article on how to start a daycare will benefit greatly with an affiliate program of an ebook selling how to start a daycare. If the fit is there, you can earn big bucks from affiliate program

It’s another case though if your site is nothing but a bunch of affiliate programs with no original content. That is very hard to monetize and get traffic to the site because you have nothing but a bunch of advertisement.

Anyone know a good company with a good affiliate program? Preferably one with an attorney and either a fair price and a
fair commission and no upfront fee.
OOps! Sorry, i meant to ask if anyone knew of a good loan modification company with an attorney if they offered an affiliate program. Sorry about that.

Posted by bigmo Affiliate programs — where you sell for another company and you get a commission for a sale or a lead — do not typically engage an attorney One of the biggest affiliate programs around —’s Associate Program and the affiliate marketplace Commission Junction — will just let you apply, they check your site if they like it and in keeping with their policies, you agree to their terms and conditions. Once accepted, you put their banners upNo special treatments like lawyers sitting with you. Heck, you won’t even get a call from them or talk to them on the phone, much less in person. Everything is done online and via email

Unless you are talking of a different, not-Web related affiliate program.

What is “Affiliate Program”?And what this means “60 day tracking cookie”?

Posted by Raduska An affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Web. You write the content that you typically write and then link to the products that you talked about. When one of your customers clicks on the link and buys the product, you get a small commision of the sale.The reason affiliate programs work so well is becuase you’re not relying on a computer to match up ads to your content. You do it yourself. You know best what ads would work best on your content and which products and services recommend. And when your readers see that you’ve taken the time to review a product or service, they’re going to feel more comfortable buying that product.Most programs have very specific rules about how they pay, but there are two common ways that you can expect to see:

Pay per click – This is similar to most online advertising, and you get paid whenever someone clicks on the link, button, or image you placed on your site. Pay per click is usually fairly low paying.

Pay per action – Instead of paying you everytime someone clicks on a link from your site, this method of affiliate payment tracks what the customer does once they leave your site. You might be paid a percentage of any sales they make or you might get paid every time someone moves deeper into the target site. This method, especially when you get a percentage of sales, can be very lucrative.

Before you ask, I can’t really answer the question how much do affiliate programs pay because it varies so much from site to site and program to program. I’ve seen programs where people made thousands of dollars per month and others where they barely made any money.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, can anyone give some beginners advice (not just links? I have opened an account with ClickBank and I have downloaded the Affiliate Masters Course e-book as well as the SiteSell e-book. I am just looking for some helpful advice on how to get started and some tips on how to be successful with it.I am not looking for any links on affiliate marketing–I’ve seen just about all of them. But if you have your own website or blog as an affiliate marketer, I would love to take a look at it to see first hand what it looks like.

I know that to be successful with this you have to put in a lot of time–this I have, I do not work or go to school, and I really want to be successful with this.

If anyone considers themself a mentor in this field, I would really appreciate your help!!!! Thanks.

Posted by Kell Hi Kell – welcome to the world of affiliate marketing!I spent many years doing affiliate marketing poorly so I’ll share some of my experiences.

(1.) Be sure you have a PROFESSIONAL looking website. I have a website sitting at that I paid someone in Serbia $50 to do. The purpose of the site was to see if the product would sell and at what price. Well, about 50% of the people who got to the first page left. Why? I don’t know for sure but my guess is because it looks like I paid $50 for it.

(2.) Do some research on SEO or pay someone to do it. This is worth GOLD. If no one can find your site then you’re not going to sell any items.

(3.) Have a good understanding of Adwords before diving in. I spent a fortune on Adwords when I first started without much to show for it. Why? Because I had a rosey outlook for things like conversion rates.

(4.) Know that very few people make a fortune at this. If you work hard and long — 5 or 6 hours a week for a full year — you’ll start to see returns. I’m an affiliate with and my website makes about $0.04 per visitor I bring to my site. I hope to double or triple that with my redesign.

(5.) Know how people are finding you. It took me the better part of a year to achieve a high ranking for the phrase: discount shopping for Most of my customers find me using this phrase. However, in the past 90 days, customers have found my site using over 500 different keywords and phrases. I use this data to help me determine which words and phrases to target next. You never know when you’ll stumble across a word or phrase that works well.

Good luck to you!

I want to start the affiliate marketing, help? I m a Freelance SEO. I don’t have a website, i want to start the affiliate marketing to earn something.
So i need any affiliate program that don’t required website, just give me my affiliate link and tell me that i can use it by SEO or Link Building work.Please tell me where do i search that affiliate program who adds me without have a website.

Posted by ravi You can start with a blog and start writing articles in the niche market of the product that you plan on promoting.
You can set up free blogs at sites like or http://www.wordpress.comHowever the disadvantage of a free blog is, your blog can be suspended for whatever reason the site decided to. Imagine if you have done plenty of work on it, get good readership and ranking and then all of a suddden, you have it all wiped out. That’s a lot of work wasted.
It’s still better to host your own, you own it and can do whatever you want. But the choice is yours.
Buying a domain name and hosting it is not as expensive as what you think.
If you are serious about going into this, you may want to consider investing a little money into this business of yours.
Domain is less than $10 a year at
hosting is about $10 a month at is one that you can start with products that you don’t need your own website to promote. It’s all digital product and opening an account there is free, thus you have zero overhead there.

An good affiliate program that I do know of but will require your own site is one that I would recommend with step by step guide to affiliate marketing. You can watch this guy video for free and how he strategize on how to make $10k a month at…

Sign up at the site for the pdf version and access to 2 extra videos that he has already rolled out after you sign up
You better hurry though, he’s opening the doors to his course  and it’s going to be for a week only.

In the end, the final decision is still yours and yours alone.

To you success and good luck.

How do you go about getting starting affiliate marketing? I want to know where is a good site to go to learn about affiliate marketing for free,any start up costs, a good site to obtain the affiliate marketing software,and whatever else to expect or anything helpful. I will most certainly award 10 points for the best answer.

Posted by millervfcorp I read the other posts as of today June 12, 2008…..let me share a few pointers about the other posts……1. They obviously are not successful affiliate marketers. 2. They don’t hit the nail on the head.Now let me advise I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years….I love affiliate marketing.

The purpose of any affiliate marketer is to “pre-sell” an already existing product or service….it can be a digital or physical product too..but there are secrets to learning the skills to being a successful affiliate marketer.

If you are just looking into affiliate marketing as a hobby?……you’re in for a big surprise….a long hard winding road of trials and tribulations with massive learning curves.

I’m into affiliate marketing for the cash….I don’t give a krap if I promote purple rain or doggie doo-doo…I certainly don’t try to “pre-sell” my interests or hobbies unless there is a tremendous demand for the information or products….

You must have a website, a autoresponder service, a lead capture system, web tools to find high demand high search es on the net…’ll be looking for “What’s Hot and What’s Not”…then you need some other tools like tracking, analytics, split testing, merchant account and a few others too.

In addition, you must have the knowledge to drive massive traffic to your landing page or lead capture sales page and build your list of permission based double opt in leads.

You’ll need the autoresponder system set up with a series of automated outgoing emails in a sequence building trust by providing unique quality content with the funnel process to end into a conversion sale.

You must give serious thought to your copywriting skills so you can not only move the free line, but also give perks along the way to educate your prospects. Give and you shall recieve.

The principle is a wash, rinse and repeat process no matter what hot market demand you do……but you must always include compelling offers and ethical bribes that force a timely return on your investment… do that with basic math on determining the time it takes you to package a campaign launch for the pre-sell and what you believe you are worth an hour.

A good clue to you is a lead captured through your permission based opt in is about $1 per lead a month
In other words, the more leads, as they grow in size and the longer you continue building a relationship with these prospects and clients….it’s cummulative……it grows and if you crunch the numbers… build a list of quality relationships of 10,000 you can project a return on a product launch of your own design .like a digital delivery product on ” how to do something”… broadcast a pre launch for building excitement and announcement with a lead sign up …you can expect by general rule of thumb about $10,000 ….

That dosn’t include back end extras, upselling, or other monetized methods for affialiate marketing….

In Summary;
1. Determine a Hot Market
2. Search for a relative web domain name
3. Register that domain name
4. Find a web hosting company to repoint your DNS
5. Research competitors and websites in that market
6. Sketch out a website better than your competitors
7. Acquire a Web Building Software
8. Acquire an FTP uploader
9. Acquire an professional autoresponder service
10. Acquire your analytics and tracking programs
11. Build your 1st website with tables, HTML and Content
12. Sign up and submit releases for article submissions
13. Sign up for Search engine submission
14. Build, upload and test your website for function
15. Write, upload and test your responder sequencer
16. Learn and implement advance CSS coding
17. Register for adsense to monetize your website
18. Register for Alexa and W3C certification
19. Draft your Disclaimers, Terms of Service and Site map
20. Launch

These are just the baby steps….but you can get by using this same concept in any Hot market if you wish with the wash rinse repeat concept, however, you’ll find this to be limiting your income… once you master the basics, and have proven conversions in sales generating….move on to other more advanced methods…..

One last point….the idea is to build multiple websites in many hot markets….like a series of different car dealerships or to large variety of market demands

This will then become an empire and you can literally print cash at will in your jammies behind your computer and only doing it a few hours a week….once you’re good at your job.

Bigdogaffiliate [at]

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

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Best Internet Affiliate Programs

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Questions and Answers

How do I find the best affiliate marketing network?How do I know they are serious?

Posted by Biznizgirl There are many Internet Affiliate Marketing programs out there, so choosing the right one can be a bit confusing for many people. Many of them claiming to be the next best thing you will ever come across, a lot of them offering you something in order to get you to sign with them.Which is an advantage in many ways because, a lot of them will give you free information, just by giving them your E-mail address when you sign up for the free info.

Here is the first thing you can do when searching for an Affiliate Program to join. Look for ones that are willing to give away free information and sign up for a few, this way you will begin to build your knowledge and understanding of your new profession, whilst finding a way of knowing who to trust and who to avoid.

Do not rush into these programs, take your time and get wise by comparing all the free information you have been given, finally making a decision around what fits your criteria.

There should always be a customer support area within Affiliate Marketing programs also. An email contact along with a free phone number and an address of where the company is based, are the absolute basics, of what a company offer in the form of customer contact support.

At the end of the day, if you do not have any support, you do not succeed and the company itself, does not grow.

Here is something you can try, when testing a company to see if it is any good. Get in contact with them and ask them a few general questions about Affiliate Marketing via phone or email. Now note the date down of when you left the message and see how long it takes for them to answer your questions.

Now there is no exact figure for this, but I would say that if it takes them weeks to answer your requests, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere for a training program.

Many online marketing programs today, have there own websites. Some of them even use great navigational tools which allow you to study different subjects matters within the industry. Some use online videos which will guide you through the steps of setting up your own websites for example, maybe this could be one of the questions you may wish to ask them before you sign up.

Many people dream of working from home and having the chance of making money for themselves. Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic way to work for yourself and once becoming established, can be very rewarding.

A lot of companies may not want to just take your money and run, but there are always a few who fancy their chances of doing so. Just remember to make sure the company has contact information via email, phone and address, also own their own website. If not, you should always aim to steer clear of them.

Choosing the right Affiliate Program is a must for your make money online success. There are many other aspects to consider but if you choose the right program with good customer support, then most of your questions will be answered by them.

Which is the fastest money making affiliate program to join in the Internet?

Posted by internetbiz  Unfortunately fast and money making online are two separate entities.This has been the focus of my research for the last year. In the process I have picked up many good resources. You can view these to learn about how it is possible to make a living online. It can be very rewarding, but be aware that it is definitely not easy, and usually not fast.

Here are what I have found to be some of the most helpful learning resources: – affiliate specifically

Here are links to some tutorials and misc free info:
Affiliate masters course –…

That should be more than enough to get you started, if you’re interested. I can tell you from my experience, it is worth the effort it requires.

Goodluck, and may you find success in whatever you pursue!

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Best Affiliate Software

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Questions and Answers

Is There A Simple Affiliate Software Out There That will Acually Work After Downloading? I have bought and tried several software and programs, but after I pay for the product and download it.. I always get an error or the software wont let me in!! Super frustrating!! Has anyone tried something that will actually work?

Posted by Renee Griggs I recommend as well, it was my first affiliate software, I had no php knowledge, but I could easily connect it to other scripts and install it all by myself.It’s very cheap and you can even get discount on it.
Is the software (antivirus 2009) affiliated with YAHOO ???

Posted by TY Hello,Antivirus 2009 is not a part of yahoo at all. If you have it, it was probably downloaded automatically by a virus from visiting a webpage.AntiVirus 2009 is a rogue antivirus program, that displays false information stating that you are infected, when your not infected, while not allowing you to remove anything unless you first purchase the software. It’s from the makers of Win Antivir 2008. It also displays fake alerts on your computer which is just another tactic to scare you into purchasing the program.

Removal Instructions-


Online marketing through bloggers/affiliate? How can I earn money on my website by linking to others blogs or products and vise versa? How I can pay bloggers who are referring to my online products on my website, how i can find out how many people have purchased from my website through their referral and pay them their commission?

Posted by Chris  Some shopping cart software packages include affiliate management, I believe you can find add-on packages as well. It’s way more complicated to employ affiliates than to be one, sell through eBay or Amazon and you benefit from their own aff programs.
You would have to do the legwork of getting your affiliate program listed in the various aff program directories, of course a good reputation is essential.

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…


List of Affiliate Program Directories

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Questions and Answers

How to do affiliate marketing for really unfamiliar beginners.
Hello everyone! I am a 19 year old female interested in affiliate marketing. Now, I am completely new to this and don’t know much about it at all and I do not have a website or a blog. I have so much spare time on my hands so I figured why not use it to make extra income from the internet! I was thinking of using Ebay to sell affiliate products but not sure if this is allowed. I really don’t know where to start or what I need to have in order to get started, but I do know there are a few scams out there. I was hoping any affiliate marketers or anyone with experience could help me out. Thanks guys!

Posted by Sariah Tahata Here is a very basic plan to get started…1. Pick a product. Choose a physical product from commission junction, clickbank, or an independent affiliate program from a directory like the one below.2. Setup either a domain with the product name, or a free blog at or to have something to link to. You can just buy a domain name with your own hosting and redirect to the affiliate product with your link. Write 1 ‘presell’ page that explains the benefits of the product with multiple buttons/links with your affiliate link to the product home page.

3. Write articles with your product keywords in the titles and also listed 3-5 times throughout each aritcle and point the links to your domain or blog. For a beginner article marketing works well. So write 3-5 articles about the product, an overview if your not familiar with the product in a review style format. Submit to the major article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, articlesbase, squidoo, and hubpages and place links at the bottom of the article with a call to action to your domain or blog.

4. Signup at some social bookmarking sites and then social bookmark your articles AND your blog.

5. Repeat the above steps with another product

Do that on a consistent basis and you’ll be making money in no time. Good luck.

A question about affiliates, internet marketing, direct mail
 I have found a product overseas, that i would like to promote here in the uk.Its a self help course, and the owner runs an affilate programme that pays £200 each referall.I would prefer to do a direct mail offer, as i believe i have a list, that i could promote the product to.

Anyone have any experience of affiliate marketing or direct mail experience.

I have purchased courses seminars before with the top uk guys, andrew reynolds, simon coulson, but if truth be told, im still a bit of a novice.

Any advice would be grateful, thanks.

Posted by patrick I know of affiliates making equal profits from direct mail postcard campaigns. There are demographically target mailing lists available for rent, I don’t know U.K. Sources or regulations, the U.S. Postal mail is less regulated than email, the central directory of mailing lists is NextMark, working with a list of high converting prospects, perhaps with a prior buying history, makes an otherwise losing campaign a winner.Some campaigns direct people to call a tole free with a recorded message, some people prefer the case of a recoded presentation over a telemarketer.One common practice is to buy a reasonably short, somewhat related domain that’s shown on the postcard and setup with a redirect with your affiliate link right to the merchant’s page.

Simple black print on pastel postcards ofter convert better than graphic magazine ad looks.

Can anyone give me a link to a site that holds a list of online stores in the UK that offer affiliate links?
 I know there are companies that offer their own schemes, but I want to be able to add the shops myself separately, is there any sites that give me a direct list of online UK retailers that would let me pick and choose the stores I want on my website?

Posted by Beermonster1 Hi there,If you are looking for a list of UK affiliate programs you can try just googling it…Hope that helps.

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Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Affiliate programs?    
I have been considering doing the Adult Friend Finder affiliate program..where you get so much money if people click on the ad and if so many sign up..does it really work? How do you advertise them for cheap or free? Has anyone made decent money doing it? How do you advertise something without it being considered spam?
Posted by Scarlet Rose I’ve never heard of it but here is a free advertising resource. There are free strategies to getting traffic.Home Business Directory
What are the best money making affiliate programs?I have a website call and i would to add some to selling affiliating programs to it,i already have voip,can anyone suggest some.thank you
when i say affiliate a mean like airline,phone,beauty companies etc,companies that offer services and goods.

Posted by  So far the affiliate program that has earned me the most money is the 5 Pillar Program from SiteSell. You earn over $70 commision for each Site Build It product sold. And lifetime commisions on renewals. There is a free promotion center with landing pages for almost any type of person. Plus offline marketing tools like flyers you can customize & print. Even educational material to help you learn how to market effectively. Free to join.
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Learn Affiliate Marketing Free

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

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Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Can anyone name the best affiliate marketing course for beginners? 
There are people who have made good fortune with affiliate marketing online and now i want to start out with some guidance. So can anyone name a good course, videos that is free to learn about marketing and which is the best company to join.

Posted by Karun  First you need to learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works and then jump into more advanced methods of making money with this type of business model. There are many websites you can learn about affiliate marketing and these blogs are constantly updated so make use of them and keep yourself updated. Join forums online and ask experienced marketers doubts or ideas for succeeding and this might help you make the most of the knowledge they have. Refer a blog that is updated frequently about affiliate marketing – you are looking only for a course then read more it at Iaffiliatemarketingtips – Affiliate marketing guide

Once your into this market you should work consistently without giving up to see some good results in the long run.

How do I go about learning affiliate marketing? 
I have heard that learning affiliate marketing has a big learning curve to it. Thats ok with me. I dont mind putting in the hard work to get myself somewhere. I would like to know how to get myself started. What kinds of things do I need to learn besides SEO,etc. Also I dont have all kinds of money to throw at this so whatever websites need to be cheap or free.If ther is a website or way to get all my learning done in one place, that would also be great. Any help would be appreciated and I will pick a best answer!

Posted by Brad  Check out this marketing how-to guide on affiliate marketing:
Marketing zoneFor more info about affiliate networks:

Also take a look at Commission Junction (; They are one of the top affiliate marketing suppliers.

Question about Affiliate Programs? 
I think I’m gonna try to do some Affiliate Marketing to make some extra money. I’ve never done affiliate marketing before so I’m just starting to learn. Right now I don’t have a website. My first question is do I need to have separate websites for each Affiliate product that I promote? Is there a place online where I can get or make a website for free or would having a account work?
Posted by Be very careful about free website and hosting companies. You can fall foul of their policies and there can be problems with bandwidth and reliability. You don’t need separate sites if you choose complimentary programs in a niche area. Check out WordPress and Blue Host which compliments wordpress really well. Also look at… a niche marketing and hosting solution where many people report excellent results.Good luck.

Get Paid for doing Surveys!

Get Paid for doing Surveys!…

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Software

Zero to 6 Figures - The Ultimate Blueprint.

Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!
Ultimate Blueprint to 6 Figure Income!

Questions and Answers

Does anyone know any software like tube toolbox which is free? I have used the trail version of tube toolbox and want to be able to fully use the features but don’t want to spend the money as i don’t have the money to waste
So if anyone knows other software or where I could get tube toolbox for free it would be useful thanks.

Posted by jimbob900900 There isn’t any free software like that because it’s very complex and sophisticated.I would recommend signing up for their affiliate program: www.sincell.comIf you refer 10 people to Tube Toolbox who sign up, you get a free lifetime account and you also get $16 for each person on top of that. So.. A little marketing on your part can mean it will pay for itself.

Any one heard of Niche auction sites software? 
I am looking for a instant auction sites software to create eBay affiliate website.

Posted by mharrisrin A New Way To Make Money With eBayWhen you hear “eBay” and “money” in the same sentence your probably think of becoming an eBay seller.You place product listings in the eBay marketplace, buyers bid, you pay your eBay seller fees and what you have left is your profit margin.

There is, however, another way to build a business which still revolves around eBay but which doesn’t involve you selling a single thing in the eBay marketplace.

This “other way” opportunity is based on the eBay affiliate program and a great tool which makes entry into this opportunity not only possible but also super easy. This tool is called “Build A Niche Store”.

Now if you don’t know – an affiliate program enables you as an individual internet entrepreneur to promote the products of a company in exchange for a commission on all sales that you refer.

You are basically operating as an internet middleman and connecting internet browsers to particular products and companies through you own network of websites and marketing methods.

If we return to the eBay affiliate program, eBay actually invites you to promote all of the product listings in the eBay marketplace and in exchange for your efforts will pay you up to 75% of the revenue they make from each sale you refer plus up to $35 for each new active eBay member you refer.

You can have a read about the affiliate program here

What this means is that you can earn up to three quarters of eBay’s revenue simply for connecting people to the products listed in the eBay marketplace.

Not only do you get to partner with the best branded marketplace in the world, you also get access to and control over ALL of the products listed in this marketplace. The eBay product inventory becomes YOUR product inventory and yet you do NOT have to stock items, deal with customers, organize shipping or process refunds.

You are no longer limited to selling only those products which you can buy and sell for a profit margin. You can choose ANY niche market and promote those eBay products relevant to your chosen niche outside of the eBay marketplace, funnelling targeted traffic through to eBay and into your own affiliate commissions.

Golf clubs, sewing kits, laptops, dog collars, diamond rings, Florida real estate…

If you know eBay you know how BIG it is – there are NO limits.

At this point you might be thinking – well this sounds interesting but in reality is there any money in it? Well, here’s the shocker – eBay’s top affiliates make over 1 million dollars a month. That’s right – 8 figures a year without stocking, selling or shipping a single thing!

Now eBay does provide some basic free tools to help you succeed as an eBay affiliate and build an affiliate business BUT it has been the development of a tool outside of eBay that has really opened this up as a legitimate business opportunity.

The tool, as I mentioned earlier, is called “Build A Niche Store” and what it enables you to do is build eBay affiliate websites targeted to any eBay niche you want. These act as the medium through which you funnel targeted visitors to eBay.

Here are a couple of examples, one targeting Race Cars and the other Golf Equipment:

Race Car eBay Affiliate Website
Golf eBay Affiliate Website

As you can see, these are professional looking websites that contain all of those eBay products related to their target niche inside a searchable store format, each of which automatically contains your eBay affiliate id.

These stores then automatically update as new products are listed for sale and old listing expire from the eBay marketplace and the software has built in development features which enable you to create new store pages, add content to these pages, create content pages, modify your template etc etc.

Basically, in the space of about 10 minutes (once you are familiar with how the software works) you can create a fully functional eBay affiliate website targeted to the niche market of your choice.

Your store content is all search engine friendly which will provide the foundation for attracting targeted traffic from the search engines and you can then use the development features to attract more targeted visitors which will in turn mean more eBay affiliate commissions.

It really is a brilliant concept and I’ve been hearing great things about the guys behind the project and the member forum which you get lifetime access to when you purchase the product.

Build A Niche Store comes with a step by step user manual which will walk even the most technically inexperienced through setting up their eBay affiliate website, 9 professional template layouts which can be customized (from inside your admin panel) to match your target niche, lifetime member forum access, comprehensive product support and possibly most importantly – an UNLIMITED domain license which means you can build as many of these niche websites as you want for the small one time fee.

Think about how many niches eBay caters to!

How big could your eBay affiliate business be?!

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Questions and Answers

Online affiliate marketing? I’m planning on conducting on-line affiliate marketing soon. I got my homepage ready, now up to finding a hosting and domain name. If any of you are doing on-line affiliate business and has found it to be working effectively, I’d like to hear your story. I kinda need some encouragement here coz I;m new to this kinda stuff. Have you made good money out of it? How long have you been doing it? Some tips for success appreciated! Pls let me know, thanks!

Posted by pjberkeley You probably already know what has the best opportunities because they do all software and the commissions are fairly high.I am trying it myself and am just starting. I am going get into public records and see how that works out. Clickbank’s programs in that area havde about $20 – $ 25 commission per sale. I’ll try advertising on AdWords and see what kind of ROI I get. You should use the paid option of to come up with narrowed keywords if you plan to advertise with AdWords like I am.

If you want, why don’t we keep in touch & compare notes?

Do “free traffic” software downloads really work?
I’m trying to start affiliate marketing. Currently I have an idea of direct offering with click bank e-book products on Microsoft ad-center. (Google banned me, that’s why I switched to Microsoft ad-center) I also tried facebook as well. Anyway I’ve seen possible “instant traffic” kind of websites out there like this:… and was wondering if this stuff works? Or if it is just a scam…I’m seen multiple websites out there and most of them look like b.s… Ive also tried to promote my own didn’t work out, it wasn’t for me at takes to long with all the SEO and crap like that..I’m only targeting people who know about direct offering and sites like the link above..thanks!! Any answer will help..

Posted by Tyler Hello TylerSome free traffic software downloads do work and some don’t, actually most do not work that I have found. Once you find one “free traffic” software that does work you should stick with who ever made it and only purchase other software they suggest. Any time I find a program that does not work I return it asap. I have probably returned about 100 programs or more lol. I feel if I don’t learn anything new from the program I return it. I will not return it if I learn several thing I never knew that are actually helpful.

Good luck with your venture.

What is Affiliate Marketing software?
I’m just starting out to learn affiliate marketing, (not easy) and I want to know if affiliate marketing software can help me as far as what to do and when to do it. Thanks.

Posted by csmalin If you are trying to sell your product using other affiliates then you should use an affiliate network such as Google Affiliate Network for physical products of ClickBank for digital products.
If you are trying to be an affiliate marketer yourself let me give you an advice:
Forget about software at this stage, start from the basics and learn the business.
Don’t fall for Guru’s and Super Affiliates products, they suck, because they are not teaching you the business only their experience which won’t help you much.
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